Custom domain name for Azure VM

If you are running VM on Azure you know that your default domain name looks like this: “”. Also public IP address is not static that means you can’t use ‘A’ DNS record on it. If you want to use different domain name like “” then you have 2 options:

Here are the details about both of them.

Use CNAME DNS record

Azure VM gets dynamic public IP by default. This means that you cannot use “A” DNS record to address it. Your VM gets default domain name like “” and you can use it to create canonical name reference from your “” to “”. BUT! your domain name provider can not support CNAME to different domain (my doesn’t ;( ).

Use reserved IP record on Azure and ‘A’ DNS record

As I said your VM has dynamic IP by default. Nevertheless you can create “reserved IP address” to your subscription. As described on “pricing page” you can have up to 5 reserved IP addresses for free.

Download and install Azure PowerShell

Open it and authorize using the following command


Get available locations using the following command

Get-AzureLocation | Select DisplayName

you will see something like

 Central US
 South Central US
 East US 2
 North Europe
 Southeast Asia
 East Asia
 Japan West

Next you need to add reserved IP address to our subscription and specify location of your choice

New-AzureReservedIP "MyReservedIP" -Label "MyReservedIpLabel" -Location "North Europe"

Take your VM name. You can find it on Azure web portal in VMs listing table.

Assign your reserved IP address to your vm

Set-AzureReservedIPAssociation -ReservedIPName MyReservedIP -ServiceName MyServiceName

Now your VM’s public IP should be changed. Also it should be static and you can use it for ‘A’ DNS record.



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