Custom domain name for Azure VM

October 4 , 2015

If you are running VM on Azure you know that your default domain name looks like this: "". Also public IP address is not static that means you can't use 'A' DNS record on it. If you want to use different domain name like "" then you have 2 options:

The biggest problem of all software developers

March 29 , 2015

Do you remember the time when software products were developed using waterfall methodology? I know that many types of projects must still be developed using this old-school approach. But now when everybody is crazy about agile one problem pops up that has been hidden for a long time.

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Reading user defined columns from database with Entity Framework

March 12 , 2015

Data tables are common part of user interface. Recall how many times have you implemented table based data representation in your project. In some cases when you need something more than just displaying ID and Name, and this 'something' needs additional runtime calculations (for example amount of money spend in last year, top 10 favorite songs, etc.) you can decide to use a database view that does all calculations for you. In more advanced scenarios you have 100 columns in a database view that represent different UI elements and user has an ability to pick some of them that are important right now. If you implement selective database query, you will have positive performance impact based on reduced amount of data that web server needs to fetch into user's browser. Moreover, an SQL server can optimize the query execution plan, as you are not asking all the columns from database view. In order to implement this your application should be able to recognize which columns user would like to see. Most likely it would be a string representation of these columns. If you need to use the Entity Framework, here is how it's done.

Jumping ahead you will be able to use this syntax:

 using (var ctx = new MyContext())
     return ctx.Customers.SelectProperties(new [] { "LastName", "Phone1" });
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