Dapper queries synchronized with MSSQL database schema

Dapper is a MicroORM that allows you to control SQL queries you are executing and removes the pain of mapping the dataset results back to your domain model. The thing is that when you specify SQL queries you have to make sure they are valid against the current Database schema. One solution is to use Stored Procedures… other one is this…

AWS Certificate Manager TLS Certificate import

When you are going to use TLS certificate with AWS CloudFront, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, AWS API Gateway or other integrated services you can use that by importing the certificate data to the AWS Certificate Manager.

My current command to format hard drive for linux NAS

Put it here to just not forget =) Here is my command to format my hard drives for NAS. I came to this when I bought 2 10TB hard drives for Chia coin mining. bash sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sde1 -T largefile4 -m 0

Future for business analysts

Software products can be much better if anybody start asking questions about who will use it. We need user researchers called Interaction Designers (IxD) that will prove we are creating something that can be used by people. Where to find them? Business analysts are best people to start looking.

3 steps to create integration tests for your ASP.NET MVC 5 application

When you develop an ASP.NET MVC application you should test it anyway. You can cover different parts of your application logic with unit tests or you can create tests that look like user interaction scenarios. These tests have several advantages over unit tests:

  • These tests are independent of implementation and you can’t break your test by refactoring (the only scenario when you should modify your test is functional requirement change).
  • These tests are good documentation for your application.
  • These tests can give you idea about that your users need and how will they supposed to use concrete feature.

Merge SQL databases

Imagine you have 2 databases with identical schema. These databases were working for different application instances for some time. And now you need to merge them together for some reason. You can use different tools to achieve this goal. For example dbForge Data Compare or SQL Data Compare. But these tools cost money and if you don’t merge databases every day this is probably not an option for you. Also these tools does not know full specific of your database structure including unique indexes, check constraints and triggers. Another big deal is identity columns that are using as primary keys. For two databases these keys can be same but represent different entities.  In my practice I face database merge task second time and here is how I handle it.

RabbitMQ poisoned messages handling

You never know what will come from remote system. Even if you keep everything under control, there always can be something unexpected. In microservice architecture each component must be ready for everything.

Custom domain name for Azure VM

If you are running VM on Azure you know that your default domain name looks like this: yourservicename.cloudapp.net. Also public IP address is not static that means you can’t use ‘A’ DNS record on it.